ERW Vs EFW Stainless Steel Pipe

Stainless Steel ERW Pipe

There are various options for stainless steel pipes available in the market today. Electric Resistance Welding (ERW) and Electric Fusion Welding (EFW) pipes are popular among them. To make the right choice, it’s important to understand the difference between the two and which would suit a specific application. This blog will discuss ERW vs EFW stainless steel pipes and help you make an informed decision.

What is a Stainless Steel ERW Pipe?

Stainless steel ERW pipe stands for electric resistance welded pipe, a carbon steel pipe coated with a thin layer of chromium to add corrosion resistance. This process creates a strong and durable pipe, ideal for use in various industries such as oil and gas, construction, and automotive. In addition to its strength and corrosion resistance, stainless steel ERW pipes have high ductility and machinability, making them versatile for different applications. With its numerous benefits and widespread usage across various sectors, it’s no wonder why stainless steel ERW pipes have become the go-to choice for piping solutions. From superior durability to exceptional performance under extreme conditions, these pipes offer unmatched value for businesses looking for reliable infrastructure components. So, if you need high-quality piping solutions that can withstand the test of time, look no further than stainless steel ERW pipes!

ERW Stainless Steel Pipes

ERW stainless steel pipes are made by rolling a steel plate into a cylindrical shape and then joining the edges together. This is done through a high-frequency electric current applied through electrofusion. ERW pipes are used for low to medium-pressure applications. The main advantage of ERW pipes is their cost-effectiveness, as they are relatively cheaper compared to EFW pipes. They are commonly used for water supply and the transport of non-corrosive fluids.

EFW Stainless Steel Pipes

EFW stainless steel pipes, on the other hand, are made by combining molten steel from two separate ends and then welding them together. The fusion method ensures the pipe is stronger, denser, and more uniform than the ERW pipe. This makes EFW pipes suitable for high-pressure, high-temperature, and corrosive applications where strength and durability are a priority. EFW pipes are commonly used in the chemical, petrochemical, and oil and gas industries.

Comparing ERW Vs EFW Stainless Steel Pipes

In general, ERW steel pipes are cost-effective and suitable for low to medium-pressure applications. EFW steel pipes are the more expensive option and offer better strength and durability for high-pressure and corrosive applications. ERW pipes are relatively simpler to manufacture, while EFW pipes require more complex welding procedures, which increase their cost.

Other Factors To Consider

The choice of a stainless steel pipe also depends on other factors, such as the required pipe diameter, wall thickness, grade, and end-use. ERW pipes are commonly available in smaller diameters and thicknesses, while EFW pipes are available in larger sizes with heavier wall thicknesses. The grade of stainless steel used in the pipes also affects their properties and suitability for specific applications. Finally, it’s essential to consider the end-use and whether the pipe will be used in a corrosive, high-pressure, or high-temperature environment.


Choosing between ERW and EFW stainless steel pipes depends on the specific application requirements, such as pressure, temperature, and the fluid being transported. ERW pipes are cost-effective and suitable for low to medium-pressure applications, while EFW pipes offer better strength and durability for high-pressure and corrosive environments. The choice also depends on other factors such as pipe diameter, wall thickness, grade, and end-use. Consult with a stainless steel pipe expert before making a final decision.

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