Material Grades for Titanium Sheets

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Titanium’s high strength and light weight make it useful in a wide range of sectors. Industrial applications are made possible by the tensile strength, minimal heat transfer, and ballistic qualities of the material.

It is possible to cut and stamp titanium sheets as needed to produce customized components, as well as bend and mold titanium by heat treatment. Titanium alloys are mixtures of titanium with other metals, such as aluminum or vanadium, to improve their strength and durability.

Grades of Titanium

Grade 1 Titanium

The easiest form of titanium to obtain is grade 1, also known as “pure” titanium. It is non-alloyed and has a high strength-to-weight ratio. Grade 1 is used in everything from aerospace applications to golf club heads to artificial hip joints.

Grade 2 Titanium

Also known as “alpha,” grade 2 is a form of pure titanium that is stronger than grade 1 but not quite as strong as grade 5. This Titanium Grade 2 Sheet has a very high resistance to corrosion and oxidation, making it an excellent choice for marine applications or any application where exposure to saltwater or other corrosive elements is likely.

Grade 3 Titanium

Pure, commercially available Grade 3 titanium offers better strength than Grade 1 and 2. In contrast to Grades 1 and 2, Grade 3 is less common but can be used in applications requiring moderate strength and corrosion resistance, such as aviation and pharmaceutical applications.

Grade 4 Titanium

It is also extremely malleable and weld-able, and it has high corrosion resistance. Through its use, titanium Grade 4 has become the most common form of titanium. Many fields requiring an incredible amount of strength, including those in aviation and medicine, utilize this material.

Grade 5 Titanium

This grade contains more than 1% iron oxide (FeO). It has high tensile strength and good fatigue resistance, making it ideal for demanding applications such as aircraft landing gear components or powertrain components like connecting rods or crankshafts where high loads must be carried over long periods with minimal damage to the component itself or its surrounding environment.

Grade 9 Titanium

This grade offers greater strength than grade 2 but is less ductile than grade 5 due to its higher carbon content (0.35% max). It’s commonly used in aircraft parts such as landing gear struts because of its resistance to corrosion in salt air environments where other metals would corrode quickly.

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