Types Of Pipe Fittings In Plumbing Systems

Pipe Fittings

Plumbing systems are important components of residential and commercial buildings. And while pipes are the lifeblood of any plumbing system, other components like fittings and valves are equally important. One such fitting you should be aware of is the 90-degree elbow, which connects two sections of pipe at a right angle. But did you know that there are different types of 90-degree elbows? In this blog post, we’ll closely examine these different types and their applications.

What Is A 90-Degree Elbow?

A 90 degree elbow is a type of pipe fitting used in plumbing and piping systems. It is designed to change the direction of a pipeline by 90 degrees, creating a right angle. This allows for smoother fluid flow and easier installation in tight spaces. These elbows are commonly made from stainless steel, brass, or PVC materials, making them durable and corrosion-resistant. They are essential for ensuring efficient water distribution and maintenance in commercial, industrial, and residential settings.

Standard 90-Degree Elbow

Standard 90 degree elbows are the most common type of elbow used in plumbing systems. They feature a long, sweeping turn that gradually changes the flow direction by 90 degrees. They are commonly used when running pipe through walls or other tight spaces with limited space. They are also used when navigating around obstacles like beams or other pipes.

Short Radius 90-Degree Elbow

Short radius 90-degree elbows are similar to standard elbows but have a shorter, more abrupt turn. This type of fitting is often used when there is not enough space for a standard elbow or when a more direct flow is required. They are commonly used in industrial settings where large pipes are used.

Sweep 90-Degree Elbow

Sweep 90-degree elbows, also known as long radius 90-degree elbows, feature a gradual sweeping curve that leads to a 90-degree turn in direction. They are commonly used when there is a need for low resistance to flow or when handling abrasive materials that could clog or damage pipes. They are also used when there is a need to reduce friction and resistance between pipe sections.

Street 90-Degree Elbow

Street 90-degree elbows have one end designed to fit directly into a fitting or valve without a connecting pipe. They can be used when a pipe needs to be connected to a valve or fitting at an angle. They are also commonly used when changing the flow direction in underground piping systems.

Double 90-Degree Elbow

Double 90-degree elbows feature two 90-degree turns, making them ideal for limited space. They are commonly used in tight spaces and are preferred over standard elbows when a more compact turn is needed. They can also be used when navigating obstacles or running pipes through walls or ceilings.


Many types of 90-degree elbows are available, and choosing the right one for your plumbing system requires careful consideration of factors like space constraints, flow direction, and material. Whether you are planning a new plumbing system or replacing existing components, working with a qualified plumber who can help you make informed decisions about fittings and other components is important. With the right 90-degree elbow and proper installation, your plumbing system will function effectively for many years.

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