Uses and Advantages of ASTM A106 Gr C Pipe

Grades – A grade is a division within a form of seamless or ERW pipe that specifies mechanical properties such as minimum yield and tensile strength. ASTM-106 Grade C has greater tensile and yield power than Grades A and B.
The ASTM A106 Grade C Pipe is a high pressure and high-temperature stainless steel pipe. These are also known as ASME SA 106 pipes and are common for applications in the manufacture of gas and oil refineries, petrochemical plants, power plants, boilers and other locations in which fluids must be transported from one location to another in an industry by the pipe lines. 
These pipes are extremely strong, resist corrosion, are capable of handling high pressure and can even perform best at high temperatures. ASTM A106 Grade C Pipe is an excellent choice for transporting fluids through pipe lines.
Grade C Pipes has a variety of notable features, including sturdiness, dimensional precision, longevity, and others.

Difference between in Grade A, B, C

A106 pipe is an American standard material that comes in three grades: A, B, and C. The components of A106 A are carbon and silicon, and the tensile strength grade is 330 MPa. A106 B is made of manganese, carbon and silicon and has a tensile strength of 415 MPa. A106 C contains carbon, manganese, and silicon elements, and its tensile strength grade is 485 MPa.

  • The ASTM A106 Gr C Pipe are generally available in the three grades A, B and C. A106 Grade A: Minimum tensile strength 48000 Psi or 330 Mpa, yield strength 30000 Psi or 205 Mpa.
  • Minimum tensile strength is 60000 Psi (415 Mpa), and the yield strength is 35000 Psi (240 Mpa).
  • A106 Grade C: Maximum C 0.35%, Mn 0.29-1.06%.

The grade is defined by chemicals composition, mechanical composition, Tensile Strength of the pipes. When it comes to ASTM A106 Grade C Pipe, it is considered to have the highest Tensile and Yield power when compared to the other two grades.
The ASTM A106 Grade C Pipe is ideal for flanging and twisting, with a maximum wall thickness of 12.5 percent. 
Other pipe dimensions, such as dimension, length, diameter, and shape, may be modified by the manufacturer depending on consumer demand. The Tensile Strength of Grade C pipes is said to be 70000 min, Psi, and the Yield Strength is 40000 min, Psi.

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