Difference between Inconel 600 and Incoloy 800

Inconel 800 And Incoloy 800

Alloys are considered to be the big family which includes Inconel and Incoloy as part of it. They have different features while also sharing others. As it provides corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance as well as mechanical strength at highest temperatures it is known as high performance alloy.

Structure is the most important fundamental difference between Inconel and Incoloy alloy. Inconel is a nickel-chrome alloy, typically includes more than 50% nickel, whereas Incoloy, a nickel-iron-chromium alloy, has less than 50% nickel.

Following is the Difference Between Inconel 600 and Incoloy 800

Incoloy 800 has a greater iron concentration. It has higher ferrous content and lower nickel content, Inconel 600 has less cost. Furthermore, because it is a cost-effective choice, the alloy is regarded as an appropriate material for high-temperature applications.

These alloys are utilized at high pressures, so the applications this alloy uses are less essential. It is easy to fabricate. The manufacturers use the same machine and techniques which are associated with the processing of stainless steel alloys.

The advantage of this alloy is that it is more resistant to aggressive kinds of corrosion. Incoloy 800 Seamless Pipe, in particular, has exceptionally strong resistance to corrosive chemicals found in aquatic settings. 

Chromium is present in the chemistry which combines with nickel makes it resistant to chemical and environmental corrosion. The alloy is also resistant to physical degradation such as surface pitting and cracking.

Incoloy 800 is usually used in gas and oil sectors due to its resistivity to sour gas and high chloride. Saltwater and brine resistant alloy is ideal for marine applications. Incoloy 800 can also be utilized for wet cleaning, reactive atmospheres in furnaces, and nuclear fuel.

Inconel 600, whose chemistry contains more than 50% nickel, is known to be more costly than Inconel 600. The value of nickel alloy is precious, that is why it increases the prices of nickel as it is used a lot. So when the Inconel 600 is heated it generates a thick persistent oxide coat and this coat is known as shield. It is an exterior surface to protect Inconel 600 from attacks or any damages.

Metals like steel and aluminum will suffer to thermal creep under severe situations whereas Inconel 600 is usually used for industries like food, or heat treatment components. Inconel 600 is an alloy that is suited for demanding applications such as maritime engineering, aerospace, and chemical processing due to its high strength and stiffness capabilities.

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