What Exactly is Structural Steel Plate IS 2062 E250A Hot Rolled?

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What are IS2062 E250BR Steel Sheet and Plate?

IS2062 E250BR Steel Sheet and Plate are utilized in a wide range of industrial applications, including the chemical, railroad, pesticide, automotive, pulp & paper, dairy & food processing, oil & gas, textile machinery, synthetic fibers, fertilizers, kitchen & appliance, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and construction industries.

IS2062 E250BR Steel Sheet and Plate grade requirements in this instance are mostly utilized for structural needs. The compact design, flawless finishes, and corrosion resistance capabilities of this grade of material are provided to the plates. Due to the alloy’s excellent strength, steel sheets and plates can be produced for a very long time. Additionally, while creating hot rolled (HR) and extremely good tensile steel plates, the IS 2062 standard must be followed.

Low carbon steel plates, or IS 2062 E250A PLATES, provide exceptional high corrosion resistance in a variety of reducing atmospheres. As a result, it has strong corrosion resistance in addition to good resisting elements. In essence, these plates are made to resist an atmosphere with extreme heat.

Along with the plates, cold and hot sketching is used to create them. The hot working process is advised for these, nevertheless, as they are hot created. On the other hand, these plates underwent a solution annealing and quenching process after their hot working method. Direct quenching is used on the plates. These plates are then cold worked, which guarantees improved strengthening and hardening, addition to these.

Features and Attributes of IS 2062 E250A PLATES

  • At high temperatures, the plates show exceptional corrosion resistance.
  • These withstand loads and pressures at high temperatures under challenging climatic conditions.
  • The plates guarantee a rust-proof coating that substantially reduces rust.
  • The plates improve excellent stress distribution.
  • These plates are extremely hard and have excellent tensile strength.
  • In soaring temperatures, these provide outstanding services for both local and general corrosion.
  • These plates also hold up to conditions with weak sulfuric acids.
  • The plates are very resistant to both organic and inorganic substances.
  • The plates have good mechanical qualities as well.

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